Torch The House, Leave No Survivors: Massive Wasp Nest Fuses La-Z-Boy Recliner To The Carpet

July 9, 2014


This is a video of a house in Florida whose previous owner died. So a new couple bought the home and began the process of renovating it when, OH SHIT, massive yellow-jacket nest attached to the recliner. The video was shot by the bee-removal expert they hired, who, from the sound of things, is more of a good ol' boy with nothing left to lose than any kind of expert. You want me to get rid of em? I can get rid of em. *circles house with gasoline, throws match* Ta-da, your problem will be over shortly. "We kind of wanted to still live there." With those yellow-jackets? Are you crazy? That was their house now.

Keep going for the video, but feel free to skip around because it's not as exciting as an action-adventure movie.

Thanks to nopenopenope, who clearly doesn't have a very bright looking future in bee-removal services.

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