Tiny Hedgehog Has Birthday Party With Two Hamsters

July 9, 2014


This is a video of a lady throwing a birthday party for a little hedgehog. The hedgehog's two hamster friends show up and they all eat a teensy cake. It was made by the same folks as that hamster eating the tiny burrito video. Everything about it is very precious. Sadly, there will come a day when the internet is so full of tiny animals eating tiny things videos that people take them for granted and not care anymore. And on that day the whole world will die a little. Just kidding, on that day the world will die completely because I'll push the big red button and f***ing end it.

Keep going for your feel-good video of the day.

Thanks to John, who's jealous hamsters didn't show up for his b-day. Hey -- you're not the only one, homie.

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