There Can Be Only One: Two Roombas With Knives And Balloons Fight Mario Kart Battle Mode Style

July 29, 2014


This is a video of two Roombas with knives taped to them trying to pop each other's balloon a la Mario Kart battle mode. But you're gonna want to skip to at least 2:00 into the video because the first two minutes are just people talking because they don't understand they should have made that a separate 'behind the scenes' video that nobody will watch. So -- which color balloon do you think wins? SPOILER: the purple one. "There is no purple one. GW....are you color-blind?" That depends, what's Geekologie's color scheme? "Black and pink." Then yes I am.

Keep going for the video, but don't forget to skip ahead.

Thanks to Lucas, who tapes handguns to Roombas and is in almost constant need of new roommates.

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