There Can Be Only One: Two Roombas With Knives And Balloons Fight Mario Kart Battle Mode Style

July 29, 2014


This is a video of two Roombas with knives taped to them trying to pop each other's balloon a la Mario Kart battle mode. But you're gonna want to skip to at least 2:00 into the video because the first two minutes are just people talking because they don't understand they should have made that a separate 'behind the scenes' video that nobody will watch. So -- which color balloon do you think wins? SPOILER: the purple one. "There is no purple one. GW....are you color-blind?" That depends, what's Geekologie's color scheme? "Black and pink." Then yes I am.

Keep going for the video, but don't forget to skip ahead.

Thanks to Lucas, who tapes handguns to Roombas and is in almost constant need of new roommates.

  • cockbite

    Most blog websites that post something popular actually credit the creator. It would be nice if you didn't complain about the hilarious prep at the beginning and instead gave them due credit for their work. Asshole.

  • Guest

    lol, so much emotions. whatever roosterteeth is apparently it involves cults to rival apple

  • BrianCHall

    lol "RT Life" videos ARE their behind the scenes videos and they get plenty of views.

  • Guest

    To the backpacking blogger of Geekologie: Who the fuck are you to embed a successful production company's video for your own profit of viewers and in the same post tell your readers to skip past "just people talking"? In fact, who the fuck are you in general? Next time you disrespectfully garner more idiots by taking videos (because you probably couldn't make anything even a fraction as entertaining), thank and promote your source. Remember, you're just a shitty blog website. In 5 years, you'll be nothing.

  • steve holt

    whoa, calm down. Chillax, crazy pants. I'm sure you're mad your mom named you after your dad's ball sack but there's no excuse for that kind of vitriol.

  • wibby Woo

    dude, they're right though
    this dude is just trying to backpack off of the success of RoosterTeeth

  • Hanna

    Due to the fact this is RoosterTeeth, i bet many people would watch the first two minutes.

  • Tyler Merkle

    If you love roosterteeth then hell yeah you're going to watch all of it.

  • DeathBotGamma

    Pretty Stupid. Pretty stupid.

  • Slow day?

  • baal

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Guest

    i was waiting for a roomba to hamstring one of them :(

  • Andyman7714


  • do not give them a weapon- they`ll conquer the world!

  • Joanna

    Seeing how it's Gavin, Griffon, and Geoff of Roosterteeth, I'm pretty sure the 2 minutes of talking is something people want to watch...

  • ms

    How have I never done this...

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