The NSA Passes Your Nudie Pics Around The Office

July 24, 2014


You ever been arrested twice in the same day? It's not as cool as it sounds. I did drink six cartons of cranberry juice cocktail in jail though (two the first time and four the second). I'm kidding, I've just been dealing with some shit the past few days. Famous whistleblower Edward Snowden claims the NSA passes your nudie pics around the office so everyone can have a laugh at your junk.

The Guardian, as part of a far-reaching interview out tomorrow, states that Snowden "...made a startling claim that a culture exists within the NSA in which, during surveillance, nude photographs picked up of people in 'sexually compromising' situations are routinely passed around."

So the NSA is just a bunch of perverts that pass your titty pics around the office. I can't say that I'm surprised. This is the government we're talking about after all. I'm just thankful I always fluff myself up to full-mast before sexting. Because if the NSA is determined to pass my naked pics around the office, you better believe I'm at least going to be rocking a solid boner.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees there has got to be better ways to spend our tax dollars.

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