Some Mastermind: Wanted Idiot Taunts Police On Their Facebook, Gets Arrested Less Than 24-Hours Later

July 30, 2014


Meet Roger Ireland. Of course you're probably going to have to meet him virtually through the picture above, unless you're in Anne Arundel County Jail. As part of their 'Wanted Wednesday' posts on Facebook (think throwback Thursday, but more criminal), the Anne Arundel County Police Department in Maryland posted a picture of Roger. So what did Roger do? What any badass would -- took to his Facebook to taunt the police and claim they'll never catch him. He was apprehended less than 24 hours later, earning him even less street credit than jaywalking.

"We figured we'd use our social media community to help us identify them and then some people might see themselves and turn themselves in,"

What the department didn't expect was what happened this past Wednesday, when Roger Ireland saw his face pop up on the screen.

Instead of keeping silent, he commented on his own picture.

His post taunted police, proclaiming they couldn't catch him.

"We sent it over to some of our investigators and our intelligence department said, hey you guys track him down," said Smith.

Police were able to locate Ireland right after conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle he was riding in, just 24 hours after he said he couldn't be caught.

Wow, what a criminal mastermind. I'm honestly not surprised he wasn't apprehended earlier for walking into the police station mistaking it was a movie theater. Haha, ya'll dressed pretty stupid for concession stand workers! Where the popcorns at?! Oh, oh no. Not again.

Thanks to Lindby, who has the distinct feeling this guy might be one of the very few people in the world who also keeps his MySpace profile up to date.

  • S.M. Archer

    At least it wasn't Florida! Seriously though, I just robbed a bank off main street, check my FB to see the cash! BALLIN'!

  • Guest

    how the hell did he get that one entire comment blurred?

  • MeggyMonster

    Reading those Facebook comments made my head hurt... I know my grammar isn't fantastic but fook sake! > 3<

    Just ship him to a remote island and be done with it.

  • Isaac King

    Ronnie Dobbs!?

  • zin

    I'm ok with this.

  • Bling Nye

    "my hole family"

    He be rollin' wit dem Mole peoples, yo!

  • Jason Christopher

    I love stories like this so much.
    Freakin' bottom of the barrel.

  • Ollie Williams

    See kids? Type online with zero concept of grammar, punctuation, or spelling, and you will grow up to become a criminal.

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