SO METAL: Death Metal Band To Play In Soundproof, Airproof Box Until They Run Out Of Oxygen

July 2, 2014


This is the soundproof and airproof box that Portuguese artist João Onofre invites metal bands to play in as a performance piece. The bands play until they run out of air. No word if João is secretly trying to eradicate all the bands, but I bet with a little research we'd discover a metal band killed his family.

Influenced by Tony Smith's pioneering minimalist sculpture Die (1962), the steel box serves as a mobile location for performance. In each location the sculpture travels to, Onofre invites a local Death Metal band to play, on this occasion Unfathomable Ruination. The box is soundproofed, determining and restricting the performance's duration to the length of time in which the oxygen is expended. Outside the cube, viewers observe its strange vibrations, only viewing the band's entrance and exit to the performance space.

I'm claustrophobic, so this would never work for me. I would panic in the first minute and start clawing at the door. Things would only get worse from there. By the time somebody finally opened the box I would have already killed and eaten all my bandmates. "SO METAL." Right?! \oo/ \oo/

Thanks to Daryn, who, as far as hardcore goes, is the hardest kind of core.

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