So Jealous Right Now: Mom Embroiders Beautiful Calvin & Hobbes Dinosaur Scene For Son's Birthday

July 9, 2014


This is the stunning Calvin & Hobbes time-traveling dinosaur scene that artist and mother Laura Hartrich of Etsy store Tiny Scissor Times embroidered for her son's birthday. It is most impressive. You know, when I was in middle school my mom embroidered my initials into the bands of all my tighty whities so my brother and I could tell our underwear apart after the wash. It wasn't really necessary though because you could already tell mine apart by the faded shit stains. I was a very excitable boy.

Keep going for a shot of the lucky boy holding the piece to get a better idea of its size.


Thanks to rampwah, who told me he never remembers getting anything even half as nice for a birthday. Aww, you're making me sad. Plus realize the same thing goes for me.

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