Smart Dad: Anti-Gambling Campaign Gone Wrong

July 14, 2014


This is part of a World Cup inspired anti-gambling campaign run in Singapore. This kid's dad just made a fortune. Granted gambling addiction is bad, but that's only when you're losing. It's much harder to explain to somebody who just won thousands of dollars why what they did was wrong. I used to be addicted to lotto scratchers, and all I ever did was lose. You have to learn to love the loss -- that's the secret. When losing it all feels just as good as a win, that's when you know you're doing it right. Or when it's time to stop hitting up the liquor store on your way home from work. The only problem is that's where they sell beer too. "Maybe you could take the opportunity to kick two habits at once." I don't follow. "Cut out gambling AND beer." Oh shit, great idea! I was tired of having any joy in my life anyways.

Thanks to Ryan O, who agrees 2018 is going to be Costa Rica's year.

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