Screw Exploring: Guy Beats Fallout 3 In Under 24-Minutes

July 1, 2014


In other record-setting speedrun news, this is a video of speed demon BubblesDelFuego beating Fallout 3 from beginning to end in 23-minutes, 55-seconds (using a good amount of existing wall-hacks). For reference, it took me about 72-hours. Of course I also got the Platinum trophy, so I had to do significantly more adventuring. Speaking of, I'm about ready for a new Fallout game. Or Elder Scrolls. I need a game I can go get lost in for 100 hours and escape reality. You have any suggestions? I'm asking for a friend. I'm joking, I'm asking for myself. There's no shame in my game. Not personally anyways, but if you ask my friends or family they don't even like to admit knowing me.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to LUKE, who thought about beating the game in 30-minutes before deciding to get his $60 worth.

  • David Gabel

    Spoiler Alert:
    Dad dies

  • Алёна К

    Кто хочет заманить Кончиту Вурст в Москву? >>> <<< Какая хорошая фраза

  • Mighty Molecule

    i bought and have been dutifully playing this game since 2008. still haven't completed it....

  • zin

    I'm sorry GW, I thought you already knew...
    Gaming is dead.

  • westmclarenmerc

    I guess nobody is feeding trolls today. Poor starving troll. Here, have a cookie.

  • zin me. Gaming is dead to me.
    om nom nom nom nom

  • Kaiser Soze

    I dumped 200 hours into Dark Souls 2...

  • joevsyou

    dumped 80 into dark souls, 240 in oblivion, 120 in skyrim, 60 fallout 3, and AMAZING 7000 into runescape

  • Jason Monigold

    I liked Ni No Kuni. It's a pretty rad JRPG that I just sunk 80 hours into.

  • Ollie Williams

    Except he cheated by the various map clipping he did. Regardless of if it's a broken mechanic or not, you might as well just hack the game, warp to the last area, and beat it if you're going to cheat anyway.

  • OrehRatiug

    Cheating != Glitching
    Obviously it is an unfair advantage when compared to players who speed run with out glitches, but that is why speed runners run different categories. Categories like these go out of their way to show the quickest possible way to beat a game. There is no actual hacking, and it takes a bit more effort than people assume. I doubt anyone in this comment section could pull this off with out serious practice.

  • Guest abusing the glitch = cheating. I've had so many asshats argue their bans with this bullshit.

  • OrehRatiug

    When used to gain an advantage in multiplayer games it can be viewed as abusive, it still isn't cheating because it is within the game's limitations. Many fighting games have glitches that are more than welcome within the competitive playing field, some glitches in games turn into features later down the road. And once again you compare certain runs, such as glitches allowed, against each other not against other types of runs. I never said someone should use abusive glitches in a multiplayer environment but to say that it is cheating is silly and ill informed.

  • Christoffer Jeppesen

    Agreed, there was nothing impressive about this.

  • piggyjelly

    People like this in the comments of every any % speed run I ever watch. Please go ahead and do it yourself if the frame perfect timing and precise positioning and such that it takes to do these glitches is so unimpressive eh? Should take you no time to beat this record.

  • crymoarphaggot

    The best is when people like Ollie Williams and Scraphead, who have no skills or talents or abilities of their own, feel the need to criticize stuff that other people do. It's fantastic.

  • Ollie Williams

    Ah, the joys of summer break. I love seeing you kids scamper about on the Internet acting like a tough guy. Please, tell us more about how you know everything. I am anxious to hear what nuggets of knowledge can come from someone who has a username of "crymoarphaggot". Could you be any more of a white knight neckbeard?

  • Christoffer Jeppesen

    Something that is hard to do does not have to be impressive. Stop trying to be edgy on the internet.

  • OrehRatiug

    It may not be visually impressive but the ability to pull it off is, it may not be as impressive as say a no wall glitch run, or a 100% run, but it is impressive either way. If something is hard to do then it is inherently impressive especially if someone broke a previous world record. There is nothing edgy about it, dexterity and hand eye coordination or route planning and hours of practice would lead people to assume some level of impressiveness (if that is even a word). Obviously its not your cup of tea, but that doesn't detract from the feat or effort put in.

  • piggyjelly

    Ouch you called me "edgy". The internet called, they want their asinine buzzword back.

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