Screw Exploring: Guy Beats Fallout 3 In Under 24-Minutes

July 1, 2014


In other record-setting speedrun news, this is a video of speed demon BubblesDelFuego beating Fallout 3 from beginning to end in 23-minutes, 55-seconds (using a good amount of existing wall-hacks). For reference, it took me about 72-hours. Of course I also got the Platinum trophy, so I had to do significantly more adventuring. Speaking of, I'm about ready for a new Fallout game. Or Elder Scrolls. I need a game I can go get lost in for 100 hours and escape reality. You have any suggestions? I'm asking for a friend. I'm joking, I'm asking for myself. There's no shame in my game. Not personally anyways, but if you ask my friends or family they don't even like to admit knowing me.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to LUKE, who thought about beating the game in 30-minutes before deciding to get his $60 worth.

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