Samurai Darth Vader And Storm Trooper Costumes

July 22, 2014


These are the Samurai Darth Vader and Storm Trooper costumes available for pre-order from Costume Craze ($188 HERE and HERE). That's a little expensive for what I usually spend on my Halloween costume. "What do you usually spend on your Halloween costume?" One trip to the dollar store. "So just a couple dollars?" Not even, I just take all the empty cardboard boxes from their loading dock out back. I've been a cardboard robot the last three years in a row. "That must be hard for you." I want to kill myself all night. This year I'm not even going to cut eye holes and just let traffic do its thing.

Thanks to King Of All Geeks, who scoffs at your peasant geekdom and demands you harvest Bitcoins for his excellency.

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