Questionable 'Sexy' Dinosaur Costume Dress For Ladies

July 9, 2014


This is the $70 Sexy Dinosaur Costume available from Yandy. It's perfect for the woman who wants to look like a woman in a ridiculous shiny dinosaur costume. Now I know you probably thought I would be into this, but come on, even I've got my limits. The arm proportions are all wrong and the hood looks like a catfish trying to eat her head from behind. There is no way I could pretend a woman wearing this was an actual dinosaur. And that tail -- it's like you just mix-and-matched three different species to make the costume. I'm sorry, but there's just no bigger turn-off than a woman who doesn't even know what kind of dinosaur she's supposed to be.

Thanks to Katie, who agrees a two-person Brachiosaurus costume (think horse costume but a dinosaur) would be the real hotness.

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