Prayers Answered: Spray-Can Cake Batter Is Coming

July 22, 2014


20-year old Harvard student John McCallum had a dream. A dream of spray-can cake batter that cooks in the microwave in about a minute and still has the same texture and taste as regular cake. And he made that dream come true. The only dream I've ever had come true? The one where I trip and fall and lose teeth.

After learning about the chemistry behind what makes cakes rise, the 20-year-old decided to see if the accelerant in aerosol cans, which releases bubbles into the product as it comes out, would also allow cakes to rise without any baking soda or baking powder. Luckily for us, it did.

The rest is history, and we should expect to see Spray Cake on the shelves as soon as John finds a manufacturing partner (he already has a distributor lined up). Now nobody will have an excuse not to be fat! "Yeah, it's unhealthy." That is not an excuse, that is a COP-OUT.

Keep going for two videos, a weird one they made themselves (warning: contains awkward dancing), and a news report.

Thanks to chichi, who agrees a can of aerosol cake batter in one hand and icing in the other sounds like heaven.

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