Peter Griffin Cosplayer's Stand Up Comedy Routine

July 14, 2014


This is a video of a Peter Griffin cosplayer performing some stand up comedy at the Allentown (that's in Pennsylvania) Comic Con. He does a great job. I laughed, I cried, I masturbated. I'm kidding, I never cried.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Josh J, who would make a beautiful Lois, I just know it. And to brownkidd, who agrees this guy needs to take his show on the road and make some serious coconuts.

  • FrannyDiggz

    The only way this could've been better if that at the end someone in a giant chicken costume ran up and hit him with a chair

  • DeathBotGamma

    Well done! Personally I can't stand Family Guy. I think it's just garbage saturated with animal urine.

  • McDee

    Actually, it's just an animated TV show. This is garbage saturated with animal urine;
    It may still be more entertaining for you to watch the later however.

  • Andrew Newton

    He may have killed it, but the person recording killed this performance. I can't hear a single joke spoken into the mic over a non-mic'd audience.

  • Jennifer Jones

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  • Andrew Newton

    What do we have to do to block this cunt?

  • AmselZephlyn

    Yeah I really wish this were better sound quality cause the jokes/references are pretty good (once you listen to each one 3-4 times to figure out what he said)..

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