North Korea Made It To World Cup Final, Presumably Won

July 15, 2014


UPDATE: Presumably satire. FAKE HAIR, DON'T CARE. Pubic hair, do care -- especially if it's in my fast food.

This is a North Korean news report claiming the country made it to the World Cup final against Portugal (because why not lie about everything) after defeating Japan 7-0, the US 4-0 and China 2-0 in the group stage. I can only assume there was a news report after claiming North Korea won the cup. Plus has a base on Mars, has cured every kind of cancer, and invented toilet paper that never leaves butt crumbs no matter how vigorous you wipe.

Keep going for the subtitled video.

Thanks to Rhydonal, who is a fair and just ruler and would never lie to his subjects.

  • madtofu12

    NO WAY

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    I'll try my best at Korean:

    Weel Numbel Run!
    Weel Numbel Run!

  • jollygreen

    Cnn has a station in korea?

  • Tom

    If you had actually looked around the net - you'd have realised this wasn't true.
    Come on guys, do your research

  • AtomicAcorn

    Its a piece of satire... they are still broadcasting the games in NK just at a delay.

  • Lisa R. Johnson

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  • Guest

    Kill yourself.

  • Scruffy, this stinks

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Disgusting... and I didn't think anything could be more disgusting than FIFA.

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