Ninja Turtle Pizza Throwing Tank Appeared At Comic-Con

July 28, 2014


This is the Pizza Thrower (based on this old 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy that I didn't have but my best friend did) that Pizza Hut teamed up with Paramount Pictures and Syyn Labs to build and bring to San Diego Comic-Con. It can shoot pizzas (with the pan they're baked on -- if they're even real pizzas) around 20-feet, with the power to knock over cardboard cutouts. Like Pizza Hut pizza in general, I find that entirely underwhelming. You think the Ninja Turtles would even eat Pizza Hut pizza? I mean, they're from New York -- home to some of the best pizza in the world. I bet they like those really greasy pizzas that are so thin they flap like a flag in a strong breeze. Although -- ALTHOUGH -- in the original Ninja Turtles movie Michelangelo does order a thick crust pizza from Domino's, so I don't know what to believe anymore. "Believe in product placement." I refuse, the real ninja turtles would never sell out! Back me up, Master Splinter. "Don't bother me, I'm trying to enjoy this refreshing, ice-cold Coke." You are all dead to me.

Keep going for a promo video and then one somebody took at the convention proving the tank's sadness.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S and LupusYonderboy, who throw pizzas the old fashioned way: in the middle of a food fight. Wow, I would never waste pizza like that.

  • Collin Harvey

    Am I the only one who keeps reading the title as "Ninja Turtle Throwing Pizza Tank?" It probably is...

  • Dan Rubin

    Except the Dominos is the one who was in Ninja Turtles, not Pizza Hut.

  • Richelle Howes

    I had that toy <3

  • Patrick Arnone

    I too had this toy!

  • Tron61

    Walter White could have used such a beast.


  • Frédéric Purenne

    This could easily have been done on a real van, used decent air pistons to throw the pizza,and not look so ugly... Not even the right color!

  • Patrick Arnone

    It's supposed to be like the old toy from the 80's. I had that thing.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Then it's the right color, my bad... But now that you made me remember that toy, it just made that thing worst!

  • Hmmm... I saw it in person and admittedly it did suck. Either way I'm hungry for pizza now so I guess they still win. Tip o the cap, Pizza Hut.

  • zin

    All that... & it doesn't even throw real pizzas.
    What's the point? WHAT'S THE POINT?!?

  • Michael Knight

    the artistic renderings look pretty cool. the actual finished 'concept' looks kinda lame.
    haters gonna hate

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