Narragansett Beer Rereleasing Can Design Seen In Jaws

July 2, 2014


Rhode Island brewery Narragansett Beer is re-releasing the 1975 can design as seen in the iconic can vs. Styrofoam cup crushing scene in Jaws (video after the jump). The throwback cans will only be available for a limited time though, so drink as many of them as you can while they're still available. And somebody send me a case. Then we can all sit around and drink Narragansett and quote Jaws together. Just from hundreds or thousands of miles away, you're not actually coming over. Although if I get drunk enough I could be convinced to draw a shark's mouth on my belly and get it to Skype you. *squeezing fat rolls together* RAWR, I'M MISTER SHARK, I WANT TO EAT YOUR LEGS. "Sharks don't RAWR." Show's over, you ruined it.

Hit the jump for the video of Captain Quint's beer can vs. Matt Hooper's styrofoam cup.

Thanks to Bren, who needs a much bigger boat because the smaller ones cause seasickness.

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