MMA Fighter Gas Station Attendant Stops Would-Be Robbery With A Good Old Fashioned Ass Kicking

July 28, 2014


Ooooooh, lotto scratchers.

This is a video news report (including surveillance footage) of five-time Sri Lankan mixed martial arts national champion Mayura Dissanyake preventing the robbery of a gas station coworker who was returning to the store after a trip to the bank. Come on -- you gotta handcuff the briefcase to yourself, everybody knows that! Per the all-star ass kicker himself:

The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face. Then I punched the other guy.

Just like that -- kicked the first dude in the face, and punched the other. So pro. I only wish I had the strength, training and courage to do the same. I do not though. See, what I would have done is PUNCHED the first guy, then KICKED the second one. Then they would have gotten up, beat the shit out of me, and stolen my wallet and cell phone. I will be too afraid to use the find-my-phone app to try and confront them, and live the rest of my life in fear.

Keep going for the news report.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees if you're gonna own a gas station, hiring a few MMA fighters to work the counter certainly couldn't hurt.

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