Mesmerizing Time-Lapse Of Things Being Sanded

July 15, 2014


This is a time lapse video created by Laurin Döpfner by sanding down different objects (including a piece of wood, wall plug, analog camera, walnut and animal skull) 0.5mm at a time, and taking a picture after each run. The results are mesmerizing. You really just have to watch it to appreciate it. Now, I wonder if Laurin is taking requests for things to sand down in the next video. Because I'm thinking, oh I don't know, THE FACE OF AN ENEMY. Plus if we screw up the first one there are still tons of other enemy faces to use. Literally thousands. My kingdom is at war with pretty much everyone.

Keep going for the video. It really is worth a watch.

Thanks to Zach R, who wants a half sanded animal skull on his wall now.

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