Modern Kids React To The Original Ninja Turtles Cartoon

July 22, 2014


In honor of that questionable new NInja Turtles movie coming out in a few weeks, the folks at TheFineBros had modern children watch and respond to the original Ninja Turtles cartoon (previously: responding to a Game Boy). As usual, they are unappreciative little jerks. Except the one kid who wants to dance to the theme song and loves Leonardo, he seemed decent. After watching the intro, they then had the children vote on whether or not they'd be interested in watching more of the cartoon. It got voted down 7 to 5. May God have mercy on your souls.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to CM, which I also use to abbreviate chocolate milk. Crazy! (You're not actually chocolate milk are you?)

  • the_boywonder

    These poor bastards, they don't know what they missed. The original TMNT was the most joyous filled cartoon watching experience of my entire childhood, the toys, the games, everything, it was what made being a kid awesome.

    I love when they show the 2014 movie trailer "Is that the blue one?" haha

  • Ondrej Petyniak

    I was 4-6 when started watching. What TNT originals thought us:
    1. there are possibly other dimensions
    2. there is DNA
    and so many other things...I remember someone being surprised at my 1 grade that I know of black holes or something. I was watching TNT retards !!!

  • zin

    Dylan's a pretty smart kid. I can't see that being helpful for him in the future.
    I agree that with the advent of better tech, it's become harder to go back to older entertainment. especially if you've had no exposure to the old.

    Is it just me or did the kids fail to mention that fans of the originals don't like the newer stuff because the core attraction of said stuff is changed/mutilated?

  • sonsauvage

    Dylan is such a cool kid.

  • TheOtakuX

    Fuck these kids, the movie looks awesome.
    And yeah, the new show is better than the old one. The old show just doesn't hold up.

  • Syd

    Aww man...they just shat on Jim Henson. If they're going to show the original movie turtles, at least give them this: http://www.martialartsactio...

  • netloco

    the future is bleak...

  • When we were your age, we only had the gameboy and the old TMNT SHow,
    we were walking 4 miles to school barefeet through the snow every day,
    we lived in a hole in the ground, but to us it was a house, luxury it is today.

  • Luigi Ojeda

    shit those girls are annoying...

  • Gingerbread

    The 1987 series is actually better than the 2012 one by Nickelodeon.

  • Vixenvena

    The new TMNT cartoon seems kinda dark and violent. I recall seeing one episode where some squirrel goes rabid-crazy and starts eating people. New TMNT needs more of the older show's campiness to balance out the dark.

  • Bubbubsky

    I could not disagree more. I very much prefer the newer CGI series, even though the original cartoon pretty much WAS my childhood.

  • Julien Prévost

    Problem is, better graphics don't mean more beautiful graphics.
    More and more these days we can see "anime" with 3D realistic graphics, but it's just...just ugly !
    The new TMNT series IS ugly, and uninteresting. And that's not nostalgia : I never really appreciated the 1987 series (when it came in France, I was more in Dragon Ball and so).

  • Gingerbread

    I gave it a try, watched a few episodes. It annoyed me more than anything else. I mean, big useless pizza burp? Heart shaped eyes? Really? Back in the day that show was cheesy, the villains were dumb and acted like cry-babies, but at least the turtles themselves were more balanced.

  • ButtCheeseMcFartleton

    But they have such stereotypical personalities, and it's so lazily made. I tried to get into it but it's just no good. Plus why does EVERYTHING have to be some sort of weird pseudo anime these days? I hate that!

  • Bubbubsky

    It makes me laugh, and has knowing, self-referential winks to both itself and its past. It's no "Avatar: The Last Airbender," but as far as kids cartoons go, it's a cut above, and certainly better than most of the other kids stuff out there.

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