Japanese Pikachu Cafe Serves Pikachu Themed Eats

July 16, 2014


These are shots of some of the foot items available at the Pikachu Cafe in Japan. "Foot?" Obviously I meant food. The cafe will be open for a limited time (until August 31st) outside the Pokemon XY movie exhibit at Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills. I want that burger and the yogurt sundae. AND THEY BETTER COME WITH A TOY. "Like a Pokemon plushie?" Well I'd honestly prefer a sex toy, but sure, I guess I'd settle for a plushie if it vibrates.

Keep going for five more dishes.






Thanks to Kristin, who's pissed Pikachu gets all the attention when Charizard is clearly the better Pokemon, and took the time to explain it to me in two paragraphs.

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