I've Been Hit!: Drone Fly-Through Of Fireworks Display

July 7, 2014


This is the video resulting from Jos Stiglingh flying a drone with a GoPro attached through a West Palm Beach fireworks display. It's inspired me to rent a hot air balloon and watch the local fireworks display from the sky next year. "They will never let you do that." I don't need permission, I'm just going to paint the balloon black so nobody can see me. "That sounds dangerous." Danger is my middle name. Jk jk, it's Daryl, but they both start with a D so unless I spell it all out when I sign my name I tell people it's Danger.

Keep going for two videos, the short GoPro commercial version, and the whole thing.

Thanks to annamei and Don, who agree you can get the same effect by standing behind a piece of plexiglass and having a friend launch mortars directly at you.

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