I'm Gonna Die!: Amusement Park Ride Drops Untethered Thrill-Seekers 100-Feet Into A Net

July 22, 2014


*kick, kick -- byeeeee!*

These are a couple videos of people riding the the Sky Tower at Tivoli Friheden in Denmark. You basically just freefall 100-feet into a net below, reaching speeds up to 55MPH in the process. It's like throwing yourself off a building, but without the dying at the end. Would you ride? I would not, but I would get a friend drunk enough to pass out and not wake until he's about to be dropped. Could you imagine the look on his face? Not to mention the spraying feces! It will ruin our friendship, but I will not care.

Keep going for a video of a bunch of people doing it, and another one of the hook-up process and a single drop at the end (skip to 2:20 if you just want to see the action).

Thanks to Tina, marcus o and SpongeRob, who agree they should replace the net with a giant pillow pile instead.

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