I'M GOING IN: Giant Hole To Hell Opens In Siberia

July 17, 2014


UPDATE: Even better video added (it's the second one).

This is the massive hole that scientists recently filmed from a helicopter in Siberia. They estimate it's approximately 80-meters (262-feet) across, but aren't sure how deep it extends. I suspect it goes all the way to hell. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Rappel down there and kick the devil's ass?!" What? No. I was going to say set up a geothermal power plant. You're weird.

The crater is in an area called Yamal, which translates as "end of the world."

According to The Siberian Times, the hole may actually have formed about two years ago, but previous reports and photos were thought to be fake. Now Russian scientists are trekking to the area to check it out and try to determine the cause.

Honestly, I think I'm going to hike to the hole and throw myself in FOR SCIENCE. "How is that for science?" I dunno, maybe if they listen to me hit the bottom they could use physics and math to determine how deep the hole is. "Or they could just lower something." Nah, I like my way better. Plus it would make a great word problem for math students.

Keep going for the helicopter footage and a new video from ground-level.

Thanks to TonyPepparoni and Andreas, who are convinced it's earth's vagina. Well we better keep the other planets away from it.

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