I'll Meet You There, Promise: Send The Ashes Or A Tuft Of Your Deceased Pet's Hair To Outerspace

July 31, 2014


Celestis Pets is a service that will send a 1-gram container of your pet's cremated ashes or a tuft of hair into space as a memorial. The cheapest service, Earth Rise, costs $995 and sends your pet's remains into zero gravity, after which they fall back to earth where the capsule is recovered and the remains returned to you. The $4,995 Earth Orbit option sends your pet's remains to space alongside a research satellite and orbit earth for awhile before burning up in the atmosphere. There are also $12,500 options to send your pet's remains to the moon, or out of the solar system into deep space. Still, it's a shame they don't offer a service to shoot your pet's remains into the sun. You ever known a dog or cat that didn't always want to lay in the sun? Trust me, I know animals. I actually speak to them. Usually in a baby voice. Who's daddy's little girl?! You love me? You love your daddypops? Gimme kissies!

Thanks to Stephanie B, who's holding out for a service to send pets named Pluto to Pluto.

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