How Not To Jump Off The High Dive Platform

July 29, 2014


WARNING: Check your volume, there's a pretty loud and awful 'OH MY GOD'.

This is a short video of a woman demonstrating how not to jump off a high dive platform. In this case: pausing at the end, grabbing onto the safety rail, falling and slapping her knees and shins on the platform below, then dropping into the water like a ragdoll. Thankfully, she escaped the ordeal with nothing but an injured finger. And probably a bruised ego. I've got the feeling somebody is never jumping off the high-dive again. Me? I love the high-dive. Have I ever told you about the time in middle school I dove off during swim practice and my swim trunks came off but I didn't notice until I got out and everyone was screaming, "OH MY GOD, THERE'S A GIANT WATER SNAKE BITING HIS CROTCH!" It wasn't a water snake though, it was my penis. Two girls asked me to prom when I was only in sixth grade.

Keep going for the video, plus a bonus slow-mo version.

Thanks to pitstain, who manages to show up on all my favorite white t-shirts without fail.

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