Hot Wheels Makes Full Size Darth Vader Car To Promote The Teensy Version Coming Out

July 25, 2014


Hot Wheels unveiled this full-size Darth Vader mask inspired car at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con. The car was built to promote the teensy $40 version they'll be releasing this fall. Damn, $40 for a Hot Wheels car? TIMES HAVE CHANGED. And so have I. Just kidding, I'm still the same @$$hole I've always been. Admittedly, I'm not one of those guys who has sex with cars, but if I WAS one of those guys who had sex with cars, I would only have sex with flying cars. I have standards.

The all black car looks like a flattened version of Vader's iconic helmet, and features what could be the greatest grille of all time...Other clever touches include a windshield that looks like Vader's mask, and lightsaber chrome exhaust pipes.

The car is powered by a 526 horsepower GM LS3 engine, and even sounds like Darth Vader's breathing apparatus.

The car was built on a Corvette chassis and has been clocked at 80MPH, but the team behind the build believes it could reach speeds up to 150MPH. Those aren't exactly hyperspace drive speeds, but it is 90MPH faster than my car will go before the rattling gets so bad I'm afraid it's going to shake itself apart. I've been looking in my rearview and seen pieces fall off and get run over by the cars behind me before.

Keep going for several closeups and a video.







Thanks to Bokonon (heck yeah, Cat's Cradle!) and DeSalza, who have their fingers crossed for a Wookiemobile.

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