GO ON, TELL ME MORE: T-Rexes Hunted In Packs

July 29, 2014


In news that will most certainly work its way into my most erotic fantasies, some paleontologists now believe that t-rexes hunted in packs, working together to bring down large prey. Clever girls. When reached for comment about the discovery, one blogger covered his boner with a 3-ring binder while whistling the Jurassic Park theme.

The new insight comes from several parallel tyrannosaur tracks unearthed in Canada. The dinosaur tracks provide stronger evidence for a controversial theory: That the fearsome mega-predators hunted in packs.

The ferocious beasts may have "stuck together as a pack to increase their chances of bringing down prey and individually surviving," said study co-author Richard McCrea, a curator at the Peace Region Palaeontology Center in Canada.

...pack hunting could explain how tyrannosaurs could kill hadrosaurs, which are almost as large as the predators, without sustaining horrific injuries, he said.

That doesn't mean tyrannosaurs would have been friendly to one another. In fact, other fossils reveal that the dinosaurs liked to head-bite each other. But the tyrannosaurs may have stuck together to hunt because it increased their odds of survival...

But the question remains -- did t-rexes also MATE in packs? Because that's what I want to know. Although I'd prefer to actually SEE it with my own two eyes. Speaking of -- are any of you readers good CG artists? I might have a project for you. "Dammit GW, I'm not going to render a dino orgy." Come on -- for me?!

Thanks to neolardo and Mr. T, who exclusively hunt alone so they don't have to share their meals with anybody else. Same here (except I don't hunt, just microwave dinners).

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