Girl Is Super Excited For New iPad, Shatters It In 2 Hours

July 21, 2014


These are tweets from Twitter user @radjc of her new iPad two hours apart. Can you tell the difference? Apparently the second pic was taken after she dropped the thing down the stairs. Jesus, what were the stairs made out of, hand grenades?

Thanks to lilco, who agrees maybe Serena should have opted for a new Speak & Spell instead. Those things can take a beating.

  • frogstar42

    What shocks me most - she has an old 1970's WALL PHONE in the background. No wonder it took so long to get an iPad.

  • ZomBBombeR

    I lmfao at the stairs made of hand grenades question thank you GW.

  • Sleezburger

    Fake and not even original.

  • That's not drop damage. That glass is glued down and takes heat to remove for repair. I seriously doubt that a tumble down the steps took that much off. Top and bottom edges are bare. Trolling for free gear.

  • Rachid Aoutil

    Apple Updates Most Affordable 9.7-inch iPad with Retina display, Improved Cameras & Enhanced Performance—Now Available Starting at $300

    and the surprise is Apple to give early subscribers one free

  • poopy

    have she tried switching it off and on again ?

  • DrZanz

    Fake or not, seeing an iPad like that makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

  • jruff84

    Are you familiar with the AppleCare Protection plan thats available for your iPad? "oh no thanks, I don't want it..." We'll just so you know it covers accidental damage and all parts and labor for two years... "Yea, I've never dropped anything before, I'm like extra careful so I don't need it so yea." (comes back in a few hours later...) "I just got this and it broke." Did you purchase AppleCare for it? "No but it shouldn't have broken." You're right, it shouldn't have. Unfortunately you were there to drop it sooo...

  • DJ Sherman

    I think the real tragedy here is that she bought this a few months before new product releases.

  • Rick Rogers

    hope she got AppleCare on it.

  • RiotDX

    People who can't be careful with their tech deserve what they get. There was always that one friend I had as a kid who borrowed my games that were in pristine condition and I got them back all scratched up, and this is what kids like that look like all grown up.

  • Guest

    nice thighs

  • skinja

    Sounds like a hoax.

    She is probably trying to be popular online or get men to buy her stuff

  • zin

    iPad, iPad, on my lap,
    Who's the hottest of us *CRACK*

  • Jason Christopher

    I'm no expert, but I have a hard time believing that all of that damage was caused by a drop down some stairs.

  • jruff84

    Could have been tile stairs...

  • Guest

    looks like it got backed over in a parkinglot

  • TyDurd

    I want to see her play fruit ninja on it now.
    *spoiler* there will be blood >=]

  • Proteon

    She thought people would believe this and here it is at Geekologie.

    Kids, don't wreck your nice shit just for five seconds of fame, ok?

  • JJtoob

    It's not really the good type of fame, though, which is why I think it's on here: to make fun of the subject of the article.

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