George R.R. Martin Gives A Big 'F*** You' To Fans Telling Him To Hurry And Finish The Series Before He Dies

July 11, 2014


This is a short 3-second clip of George R.R. Martin responding to a question about what he thinks of the fans who demand he hurry up and finish the Song of Ice and Fire series in case he dies soon. For reference, Martin is 65. "And round." I didn't say that. I will say that Robert Jordan passed away before being able to properly finish the Wheel Of Time series by himself, and, admittedly, that did leave a hole in my heart. But my point is this: you don't get to tell an artist when to finish their work. If George R.R. Martin dies before the series is finished, TOO F***ING BAD, THAT'S LIFE. And what kind of fan tells someone whose work they allegedly appreciate so much what to do in the first place? That doesn't make you a fan, that makes you an impatient dickhead. Just be thankful for what you already got to enjoy.

Keep going for your daily dose of STFU. And as a side note, "Martin has noted in the past that he has told Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss major plotlines and how the series will end so they can finish without him if needed." So really, relax. The ones complaining probably haven't even read the books anyways.

Thanks to drumkid and Raul, who agree the Wheel of Time series was the absolute tits. AT LEAST THEY BETTER.

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