Genius: Hands Down The Best Laxative Ad Ever Made

July 28, 2014


Note: Worthwhile larger version HERE.

This is the ad created for laxative brand Dulcolax by creative agency McCann Health. It ran in Singapore newspapers and bus shelters and features a bunch of sad turds gathered around the inside of an @$$hole, staring at it like a campfire. You think they're telling ghost stories? Turd ghost stories are about farts, by the way. How many days has that one turd counted on the wall? Because it looks like over 400. And if you're a turd that hasn't felt the refreshing freedom of a toilet bowl pool in over 400 days, I've got bad news for you -- your owner is dead and you're never leaving that @$$hole. How's that for a scary story? Also, this is ad is so good I already live my life with almost constant diarrhea and still went out and bought a case of Dulcolax.

Thanks to JF and piglsey, who encourages you to set those turds free.

  • Ondrej Petyniak
  • DeadHead

    daymn! dats a lot'a shit!

  • How has nobody mentioned the one with boobs? It's a poop.... With boobs. O_O

  • Job Genders

    Damn, am i the first one to make the joke? What a bunch of shitheads :) LOL LOL LOL

  • Andyman7714

    Looks like they're waiting for the return of the one eyed snake god. Yeah...I went there.

  • Bro, are you a chick?

  • MustacheHam

    ....why are they stuck in a bladder?

  • dougfunnay

    where else would they be?

  • Odin_1

    Where's my 3200x1800 desktop wallpaper?

    EDIT: Biggest I could find:

  • Spleenz

    Thanks for the wallpaper one! I think this is hilarious....mostly because I can relate.

  • kalatumnus

    free them

  • Joel Salazar

    ALL RIGHT! everybody out! Party's over.

  • says: "Distgustingly irritating stellar."
    *eats a strawberry*
    "I am stoked, but the "HERE" Link isnt working.
    Well, now is this art or is this a clever Art Director version of the dogs, who play poker?
    It reminds me of the Kaka People from "Flesh Grodon vs. the Cosmic Cheerleaders"."

  • netloco

    revolting... yet intriguing

    well done

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