For The Ladies: Skater Dress With Every Single Pokemon

July 1, 2014


Remember: bend at the knees and not the waist or somebody might get a Pikachu underwear.

This is the $95 Pokemon Skater Dress from Poprageous. Allegedly it features every single Pokemon. I have no clue if that is accurate or not. What I do know is skater dresses are really in right now. Trust me, I have a keen eye for women's fashion. Girlfriends always love that about me. Eventually, they start to wonder if I'm gay. Which I'm not, but I do know a handsome man when I see one. Oh shit, like that hunk right there! "Where?" Right THERE. "In the mirror?" Tehehe, oh is that me?! I should be a model. "For what? You look f***ing awful." Men's bras.

Keep going for a closeup of the design.


Thanks to chichi, who looks amazon (amazon is the new amazing) in skater dresses.

  • jenjena

    This dress is cute as hell--and stolen, stolen, stolen, by someone who *asked first* if they could use the art, and fter the creator said no, stole it and did it anyway. Vile.

  • Derick

    This was made with stolen artwork from an artist that was not credited for her work. She refused permission for it to be used but Poprageous stole the artwork anyway. Please remove this from your site.

  • Zachary Zarko

    Never change clothes around a Pokemon. I hear they like to Pikachu.

  • Enn

    PLEASE take this down, it was blatantly stolen from an artist who declined letting this website use their work. So they just stole the artwork instead.


    Artists have a hard enough time making it without big companies stealing their work. PLEASE do not support this kind of blatant theft. Take the link down.

  • Anthony

    This artwork belongs to the artist papayakitty who was not credited for this at all. It was used even though she said no. DO NO PURCHASE THIS. It's not fair that someone is profiting over someone else's hard work even after they expressed that they didn't want to sell it.


  • ToTripoli

    Precisely why I will never buy anything from poprageous.
    Not only was this morally reprehensible, it's actually illegal.

  • zin

    On a train during rush hour
    Girl wearing this gets crushed against me
    "You alright?" "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CREEP!"
    She turns around, I notice her Charmander, pop a Diglett
    "Why so tense? Here, let me massage your shoulders."
    She tenses up at first but then "Mmm, you're good at this..."
    Work my way down to tickle her Pikachus
    Rubbing against her Blastoise, omg omg
    "sssSSSSSSAND FORCE!!!" all over her Jigglypuff
    "That was awesome, sorry for yelling."
    "Anything for the Pokémans ma'am."

  • Richelle Howes

    I've wanted this but in their leggings, for a long time, but not for $75

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Nice shoes... let's fuck.

  • the shoes are nerdy as hell

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Where's the problem in that?

  • no prob

  • Sitri

    Looks like it only has up to gen 3, if that.

  • Bunni

    ugh that price.

  • have your fingers all over the place and say:
    "gotta collect them all!".

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Doesn't look bad.

  • ODwanKenObi

    You gotta beeend and then SNAP, bro.

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