Finally, Some Decent Rainbow Colored Ninja Swords

July 17, 2014


These are the Blades of The Rainbow Ninja sold by ThinkGeek. You can get two short swords for $30, three knives for $30, or all of them for $50. I just ordered zero of each. My blade is the color of the darkest night. For reference, that is a very dark black. But if you ever catch a glimpse in the moonlight you can see it's stained with the blood of countless slain enemies. "That's a yardstick you painted black." IT'S A NINJA BLADE. Now one more word out of you and I'll fill you with ninja stars. "Those soup can lids?" You're worse than playing ninja with my grandma.

Keep going for a shot of a guy with a horse mask on weilding the swords. Also, I own that dino shirt he's wearing.


Thanks to Greggy, who agrees these are the perfect gift for unicorn-loving young daughters.

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