Father Invents Method To Fill 100 Water Balloons/Minute

July 25, 2014


Meet Bunch O Balloons, a system for filling up to 100 water balloons per minute invented by father of eight Josh Malone. Because when it's your job to fill water balloons for eight kids, you're gonna find a way to make that shit easier on yourself. Same goes for putting them all sleep (yell "GOODNIGHT" from the garage and pull the circuit breaker).

After testing many ideas -- including one that involved filling balloons with marshmallows -- Malone, 41, came up with the idea to use a tube to transport the water from the hose into the balloons and using an elastic ring around the necks of the balloons to seal them.

Once you tie the Bunch O Balloons attachment to the garden hose, the only other item you need is a small container filled with water below the hose to protect the balloons when they pop off the hose, sealed and filled with water.

Bunch O Balloons is currently a Kickstarter project but blew past its $10,000 goal instantly and is already in excess of $300,000. So if you want some you can get a package of 100 starting at $15 (plus an extra $25 shipping outside the US). That's a little expensive for something you're just going to try to pop on a brother or sister's face, but whatever. Did I ever tell you about the time I filled a water balloon with olive oil? My little sister was PISSED. Especially since I popped it on her when she was still asleep in bed.

Keep going for a shot of the process and their Kickstarter video in case the concept is BLOWING YOUR MIND.


Thanks to Joanna, mike and E V I L A R E S, who prepare for water balloon fights the old fashioned way: filling a couple balloons with unwashable paint.

  • shashi

    100 water balloons in the UK; less than £2, 100 of these; £20+ (depending on exch.rate), the look on the face of an african child whos eyesight can be restored with a simeple £4 proceedure when you tell him where we prefer to spend our money; priceless

  • Slate Revolver

    So how much do you donate per month?

  • onvison

    balloons are too small they will have a hard time exploding, like in the demo video above. I am going to wait for Bunch o Balloons XL

  • Anthony Lewis

    Now they just need to use biodegradable hemp plastics for the water balloons and they can also be environmentally friendly... But that isn't going to happen is it.

  • Grob

    girl in white skirt = qt

  • Richelle Howes

    That's a pretty damn good idea!

  • $18889437

    weird that they don't show the process of attaching the balloons to the device...

  • James Sterlington

    maybe it's a one time use sort of thing? Like you get get five in a pack or something. I think it was funny that the daughter said she just learned how to tie water balloons off last year. she must be at least twelve and she didnt know how to tie a granny knot?

  • water grenades-stellar for scifi LARPs!

  • Legio

    And how long to hold all the balloons?

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    That's a beautifully simple idea, love it.

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