Custom Game Of Thrones House Targaryen Handgun

July 8, 2014


Note: Larger version HERE if you are into details. Me? I like everything as small and blurry as possible.

This is a Sig Sauer P220 customized with a House Targaryen motif. It's the perfect gun for...Game of Thones fans? I dunno, I feel like they would be more into swords and magic. I love doing oldschool sword and magic battle, that is my JAM. Especially magic. Did I ever tell you I once sieged a castle by myself with nothing but a catapult and an a satchel full of lizard dicks? I just catapulted myself over the wall and started laying waste to all the knights. "What the hell kind of spell requires lizard dicks to cast?" Spell? Those were SNACKS. Doing battle makes this wizard hungry.

Thanks to pdoggeth, who agrees you better load that thing with dragonglass bullets if you plan on stopping any White Walkers.

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