Couple Steals $10,000 Baby Dino Replica From Museum

July 17, 2014


Police are looking for a young couple who stole a replica of a hatchling duck-bill dinosaur (Edmontosaurus) from the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences earlier this week. As seen in this surveillance footage, the dickbag in the stupid shorts jumps a glass barrier and yanks the little dino from a nest. And before you call the police, no, it wasn't me -- I'm not some baby snatcher.

The Edmontosaurus, or duck-billed, hatchling was stolen Monday in the Prehistoric North Carolina exhibit. The replica is about 12-14 inches long and is worth around $10,000.

State Capitol Police released surveillance video of the suspects Wednesday. The theft is considered a felony offense.

Police believe the two are also connected to a similar incident at the Museum of History. The value of that theft was less than $1,000.

Damn, stealing from museums? That's pretty low. "GIVE THEM BOTH THE CHAIR." Ahahahahahahaha -- Indiana Jones, ladies and gentlemen! I think he's been drinking.

Keep going for the surveillance footage.

Thanks to lilco, who agrees the only dinosaurs you should be leaving the museum with should be purchased from the gift shop.

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