Captain Kirk Put A Baby Up In This

July 15, 2014


This is a shot from some convention of some Orion slave girl (although I'm not overlooking the possibly she's just a human who painted herself green -- hopefully with nontoxic stuff and not the kind they use to paint the sides of aircraft carriers) with a sign that reads 'Kirk Was Here', implying Captain Kirk put a baby up in that. Can humans and Orions even produce offspring? You wouldn't believe how many Google searches I just made trying to find out. SAD FACT: When you search 'Can Humans And Orions Breed', Google asks if you meant 'Can Humans and Lions Breed'. No, Google, I sure as f*** did not mean that.

Thanks to Christina and Vee, who both asked if they rumors were true that Kirk and I had a thing. Tehehe, I never kiss and tell! We only boned though, so yes.

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