But She Was My Cousin!: OkCupid Purposefully Set Up Bad Dates As An Experiment

July 29, 2014


OkCupid has just revealed the data collected (links to their blog with all the info) from numerous experiments conducted over the past couple years in which they manipulated different parts of the website to see what the effect on couples engaging each other would be. Including telling people who were only 30% compatible that they were actually 90% compatible. Whoa, but that's like, true love status. Back me up, Westley! "As you wish." Man, you're dreamy.

Among users who were just 30% compatible, a single message from one OKCupid subscriber to another led to a conversation only 10% of the time. But here's the twist: when OkCupid duped users who actually had low compatibility, telling them that their compatibility score was 90%, they had a 17% chance of having an online conversation.

"The mere myth of compatibility works just as well as the truth," said Christian Rudder, co-founder of the online dating site, in a blog post about the results of the OkCupid study

I can't say I'm surprised. If working on the internet has taught me anything, it's that you can't trust any website. Except Geekologie. I would never wrong you. "Then why are your fingers crossed?" I'm going to slash your tires and mash dog shit under your car door handles tonight.

Thanks to Tony pepperoni and E V I L A R E S, who both use dinos as their dating website profile pics to try to lure me in to some trap.

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