Boldly Going Back To Sleep: The Star Trek Captain's Chair Dog Bed

July 2, 2014


What's that, Lassie? Timmy got beamed back with his penis for an arm?!

This is the Star Trek Captain's Chair Pet Bed available from ThinkGeek ($80). It's a dog bed that looks like the captain's chair from Star Trek. But way plusher. I slept in a dog's bed once when I got drunk and crashed over at a friend's house. I got worms. Just kidding, only fleas. Still, who the hell is going to trust a dog to command their spaceship? That is a lot of responsibility for an animal whose breath smells suspiciously like its own ass. Because one time I let my dog try to drive my car and she was f***ing awful at it. "You know why?" You better not say because she's a woman. "Because she...doesn't have a license." Close one.

Keep going for a shot of the bed with less dog in it, plus a video.


Thanks to carey, who is holding out for a Death Star cat tree.

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