Because You Don't Have A Dog: Bad Dice Shaming

July 14, 2014


Remember the dog shaming trend where people would take a picture of their dog with a note explaining what the dog did wrong? That's the kind of shit that'll make a dog seek therapy. "Woof. Woof Woof. Woof woof WOOF woof." (My owner's an @$$hole and plastered my face all over the internet for eating ONE cat turd out of the litterbox). Thankfully, not everybody has a dog. This is a picture from some Dungeons and Dragons player shaming the D-20 die that let them down so hard. Damn, on fire for five rounds THEN petrified? That's a tough break. I wouldn't blame the die though, I'd blame the hand that rolled it. Just chop that f***er off, there's no other way.

Thanks again to Ricky, who always yells "Yahtzee!" whenever he rolls anything, even joints.

  • Max

    Actually recently started my own dice shaming blog. If you want to see more stuff like this (or even better, want somewhere to submit your own) check it out at http://dice-corner-of-shame... Here ends the shameless plug.

  • zin

    Someone oughta do this with Xcom. Take a screenshot of a dying troop & write under it "I missed three shots in a row with 99% chance to hit & still survived the decimation of my squad caused by my ineptitude. I ended up on meld duty."

  • Fred

    Surely the decision to chop your hand off would be made using the dice though? If this die left them on fire for five turns it would probably end up telling them to cut off the wrong hand...

  • WhiteEagle2

    That's meta gaming bro.

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