Because You Don't Have A Dog: Bad Dice Shaming

July 14, 2014


Remember the dog shaming trend where people would take a picture of their dog with a note explaining what the dog did wrong? That's the kind of shit that'll make a dog seek therapy. "Woof. Woof Woof. Woof woof WOOF woof." (My owner's an @$$hole and plastered my face all over the internet for eating ONE cat turd out of the litterbox). Thankfully, not everybody has a dog. This is a picture from some Dungeons and Dragons player shaming the D-20 die that let them down so hard. Damn, on fire for five rounds THEN petrified? That's a tough break. I wouldn't blame the die though, I'd blame the hand that rolled it. Just chop that f***er off, there's no other way.

Thanks again to Ricky, who always yells "Yahtzee!" whenever he rolls anything, even joints.

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