Abandoned, Flooded Mall In Thailand Taken Over By Fish

July 8, 2014


These are a few shots from photographer Jesse Rockwell of the New World Mall in Bangkok, Thailand. The 11-story mall was closed in 1997 for being seven stories taller than the blueprints said it would be, then somebody tried to burn the building to the ground in 1999 because some consider it disrespectful to build any structure taller than the The Grand Palace. Since then, the decrepit mall was demolished to four floors, and locals decided to stock the flooded basement with fish to keep the growing mosquito population in check. Looks like a cool place to row a boat around. Maybe bring a picnic and row your girlfriend over to the old food court for a romantic lunch date. Impress her with your knowledge of where the big pretzel and corn dog stands used to be. And over here -- this is where the Hot Topic was. I saved my allowance for a whole month to buy a Ninja Turtle shirt there when I was younger. I wonder whatever happened to that shirt. Speaking of shirts -- you got the nicest boobies under yours, girl. I mean that. Now what do you say I captain this vessel into the old mattress store and we get our freak on? No? Well what about a Victoria's Secret dressing room? You know that's always been a fantasy of mine. *opens eyes* Man, I love playing pretend date. Anybody else get a boner? Don't lie. Linguists have actually considered adding my writing to the list of romance languages.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he throws pennies instead of fish food into his neighbor's water garden.

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