World's Largest Firework Comes In A 4-Foot Shell With An Explosion Stretches Almost Half A Mile

June 30, 2014


This is a video showing the making of and display of 'Yonshakudama' fireworks. Each 4-foot shell weighs 420kg (~930-pounds) and costs $1,500. I am going to buy one, and I have every intention of riding it into the night sky. "You will die." I WILL TRAVEL TO NEVER NEVERLAND.

When fired the shell rises to over 2,700ft with a bloom diameter greater than 2,400ft and launched every September 9th and 10th for the Katakai-Matsuri Festival in Katakai town, Ojiya-city, Nigata prefecture Japan, it serves as a dedication to the god of the shrine. The Godzilla waking "Yonshakudama" shell comes in two types, the "Brocade crown over small flowers" and the "Floral shell of shells twice blooming"

I can honestly say I've never wanted to get hit with a firework so bad in my life. Like, shoot that thing out of a cannon right at my belly. "You will die." No, I will a get a job with benefits traveling with a circus. Circuses do offer comprehensive benefits right? "DON'T LISTEN TO THEM." Dumbo the flying elephant, ladies and gentlemen! My God you look like shit. "Heeeeelp me." SIMBA?!

Keep going for the video, but skip to 1:30 if you just came to see the explosions.

Thanks to Stephen P, who challenged me to a Roman Candle battle on the 4th of July. YOU'RE ON, BUDDY (but I will also be throwing M-80s).

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