This: What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater

June 30, 2014


Cool helmet, Jacques Cousteau.

This is a video demonstrating what happens when you crack an egg underwater (and deep enough for the water pressure to have an effect). I actually posted a better version of the experiment back in 2012, but maybe you weren't reading then. Hell, maybe you aren't reading now. Maybe you never learned to read. I'm not here to judge *rips off tear-away pants* I'M HERE TO COMPETE. So, what's the sport? "Weightlifting." F*** that *snapping pants back on* if I wanted to pick up a bunch of heavy shit I'd just do my chores.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Carolyn, who already knew what happens when you crack an egg underwater because she took The Little Mermaid's cooking course when she was on vacation in the Bahamas. Plus she swam with dolphins and got hair braids.

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