The Sixteen Most Expensive Substances In The World

June 23, 2014


This is a list of the sixteen most expensive substances in the world (above, LSD). Is it accurate? No clue, do I look like a fact-checker to you? I still believe in f***ing chemtrails. I'm joking, and I judge anybody who does.

# 16 - Saffron - $11/gram

# 15 - Gold - $56/gram
# 14 - Rhodium - $58/gram
# 13 - Platinum - $60/gram
#12 - Methamphetamine - $100/gram
#11 - Rhino Horn - $110/gram
#10 - Heroin - $130/gram
#09 - Cocaine - $215/gram
#08 - LSD *Lysergic Acid Diethylamide* - $3,000/gram
#07 - Plutonium - $4,000/gram
#06 - Painite - $9,000/gram
#05 - Taaffeite Stone - ~ $20,000/gram
#04 - Tritium - $30,000/gram
#03 - Diamonds - $55,000/gram
#02 - Californium 252 - $27 million/gram
#01 - Antimatter - $6,25 trillion/gram

Damn, it looks like you and I need to start manufacturing some Californium 252. You think it's anything like cooking meth? Because I've cooked meth before. Fine, I've never cooked meth, but I have watched Breaking Bad all the way through twice. Plus one time I cooked weed brownies in my sister's Easy Bake Oven. "How did that work out?" With a house fire.

Thanks to Dominic, who told me he once tried to sell his sperm to a sperm back for $20,000. They were not interested.

  • Gert Mulder

    I just miss one substance, the most rare and expensive substance in the world: the sweat of an official because he or she was working.

  • Jamey Wilson

    I have to point out that Black Opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia regularly sells for many thousands per carat, sometimes over $20,000 USD per carat in fact. 5 carats = 1 gram, so Black Opal can be worth over $100,000 per gram.

  • Dr Kranknstein

    215 a gram for coke....try again. Maybe in Switzerland, but in Florida that shits like 40-50USD a gram.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    Dang, my mom went and threw out all my antimatter when she cleaned my room!

  • Seth

    Where can I hawk all my old anti-matter? Pawn Stars?

  • Papaw had high cheekbones

    I have a 5gal bucket of Antimatter in my garage

  • itsbobbyhill

    Cocaine is almost always cheaper than quality meth simply because of the potency of each. They produce extremely similar effects, so why would someone charge less for the one that does it for a longer period of time?

  • Vlad

    I pitty the fool who pays 215$/gram for Cocaine

  • Apathetic

    I would imagine this referred to pure cocaine. Which only a manufacturer would have. Even if you buy a kilo at a time its still around 95% pure. If youre buying it in grams chances are its half cut so youre paying mostly for shit that isnt coke.

  • S.M. Archer

    So, LSD, huh? Never knew. Eff your meth, I'm getting in the LSD business right meow!

  • Apathetic

    There is a reason its sold in micrograms.

  • Syphon


    This was posted back in 2011 - I think whoever made this post on sciencedump got the value of Antimatter wrong though.

  • Dr. Perry Cox

    The illegal drugs don't really belong in there. Prices vary from major dealer to major dealer, country to country.

  • Guest

    A "sperm back" ? Freud!

  • Garrett Harer

    Honorable mention goes to Wonderflonium.

  • Doug

    Pretty sure printer ink should have been #16.

  • I LOVE THIS LIST! #8 & #9 WTF!? Amazing, also Doc Ock wasn't kidding huh? #04 - Tritium - $30,000/gram

  • Andrew Buck

    How about the antibiotic Linezolid at $167 per gram ($100 for a 600mg tablet)? How about the breast cancer drug docetaxel at $667 per gram ($20 for 30mg)? Another breast cancer drug, paclitaxel, at $570 per gram? Sorafenib (the hepatocellular carcinoma drug the "death panels" worried about because it was so expensive)? Temozolomide (the treatment for bad brain tumors)?

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    A lot of other stuff would go for the list too like bee venom. But I this is just a list people have been reposting for years, not a serious study about the value of different substances.

  • S.M. Archer

    Yeah that's what I got out of this. That the process to obtain and then market demand. We all know there's a huge demand for meth, but I'm betting the market for Tritium is smaller just with deeper pockets.

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