Auto Sperm-Collecting Robot For Hospitals/Sperm Banks

June 26, 2014


Wrong: that's exactly how you're doing it.

Note: This article was originally published in April 2011, but the machine is going around the internet again so I moved the post TO THE PRESENT.

This is a video of a guy at some trade-show jamming his finger in some machine before finding out what it actually is. Which -- SPOILER: is an automatic masturbation/sperm-collection machine for use by hospitals and sperm-banks. I assume right about now that guy is praying the machine was just a floor model and not a return.

Hit the jump for a short video of the 'should've wrapped it up' in action.

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Thanks to Nick, B-Low and anderson, who all know better than to go around sticking their fingers in things. Damn, I learned the hard way (glory hole). And thanks to everybody who sent this tip in 2014 also.

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