Spare A Dollar?: Infographic Of The Richest Superheroes

June 4, 2014


This is an infographic of the world's richest superheroes. Is it accurate? No clue. Feel free to argue about in the comments, but please, do it respectfully and don't resort to name calling. Because when it comes to calling names, nobody is better than I am and I will burn you so hard even your second and third cousins will catch fire. Did you know that whenever I move to a new place I have to go to city hall and register my mouth as a deadly weapon? That is factual. "Lies." I am 28-year old Mexican woman currently backpacking through Central America with my BFF, Gabriela. "You really expect us to believe that?" Que? "I said, do you really exp--" Yo no comprendo.

Thanks to Icehog, who, while undeniably tasty, is still no hotdog.

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