Security Footage Of A Truck Getting Struck By Lightning

June 9, 2014


This is the security cam footage from a manufacturing plant in Alberta, Canada, of a pickup truck driving down the road when it gets struck by lightning. The truck was being driven by Al Perry with his wife Betty riding shotgun when the blast occurred. Now, do any of you know what you're supposed to do if your car gets struck by lightning? "Beg God for forgiveness?" Correct -- clearly he has a problem with you.

"It was all blowing up in front of my face," Betty said.

Inside the truck, airbags deployed, the metal body was rippled by the heat, and then smoke began to fill the cabin, making it difficult for either Al or Betty to see or breathe.

Damn, if my car got struck by lightning you know what I'd do? Take it right back to the dealership and tell them it spontaneously exploded and I'm going to sue. That should buy me some bargaining power. Because last time my bargaining chips failed me. "They were Doritos." And who doesn't love Doritos?! Honda sales rep Mark Baker, that's who.

Keep going for a video news report and check out the holes the blast made in the road.

Thanks to laurie, who isn't convinced Storm didn't have something to do with this.

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