Roll To See Who Dies First: Cthulhu & Dragon Dice

June 16, 2014


These are the $8 ($20 for custom painted ones) Cthulhu and dragon dice made and sold by Etsy seller RobinRed. Pretty cool right? Plus they're allegedly balanced so you don't just roll shitty 3's and 4's all the time.

And yes! It's balanced! I wouldn't take it to Vegas or anything, but I went to great lengths to ensure that it rolls evenly, making constant adjustments as I worked on the prototype. The final test involved 200 rolls from a dice cup filled with 4 other dice.

When you think of rolling dice from a cup, what do you think? "Yahtzee." Exactly. That's pretty much all I have to say about that. Did I tell you I got my first manicure over the weekend? My nails are SPARKLING. Mostly because I opted for glitter nail polish. It's hard to write because I can't stop staring at them. I feel like such a pretty lady. The pantyhose help too.

Keep going for several more shots including some custom painted dragons.






Thanks to whoever posted this on their Facebook wall on Friday. Sorry, but that was forever ago and there's no way I'll ever find it again. Just know you did good.

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