RoboCop Throws Out First Pitch At Detroit Tigers Game

June 4, 2014


So apparently yesterday was RoboCop day in Detroit and they were supposed to unveil that RoboCop statue they had commissioned but apparently it's not ready for display yet so that got cancelled. Detroit: because why should anything go right? Anyways, to promote the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the rebooted RoboCop movie, the new RoboCop threw out the first pitch at yesterday's Detroit Tigers game against the Blue Jays. It was not very impressive. Like, I know for a fact I could do better with no practice. Or arms. I could throw better than that with no arms.

Keep going for several different angles of the you throw like a cyborg baby.

Thanks to chichi, who has never wanted to throw the first pitch but has always wanted all-you-can-eat nachos, hotdogs, popcorn and soft pretzels. Oooh -- and soda. I'm projecting.

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