Opal Stone That Looks Like It Has A Little Nebula Inside

June 16, 2014


This is a 4-centimeter opal with a "botryoidal jasper formation" inside that makes it looks like a little nebula. I want to travel there. I can't though, because it's just a stone. Or is it? Remember that cat from Men In Black that carried a galaxy around on its collar? Maybe it's like that. "It's not like that." But maybe it is! "It's not." But-- "IT ISN'T." Wow, you must be real fun at parties. "What's that supposed to mean?" You just look like the kind of person who gets really shitty and makes an ass out of themselves. Hey -- I'm good at it too. If it were an Olympic event we'd definitely take first and second place.

Thanks to Alexandra, who took the time to tell me she collects marbles. Not sure what to do with that info.

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