Okay, So Maybe Hold Off On Filling The Oceans With Concrete: Water Hoverboards Are Here

June 13, 2014


This is a pretty awesome looking video (and I never say that) for the water-based Hoverboards made by Zapata Racing (previously: their Flyboard). Hey McFly you bojo, hoverboards don't work on water! Apparently these ones do though. As a matter of fact they only work on water. You try operating one of these on the sidewalk and you are in for a f***ing sad afternoon. Now, let's each get one and play chicken at the beach. I get to carry a jousting lance though. "What do I get?" You get to paint a bulls-eye on your chest.

Keep going for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Mungo9000, who is going to get one for each foot and go hoverboard skiing. Or tear both of his legs off.

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